Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
66101 Built To Spill

So-and-so From Wherever

66102 Bullet For My Valentine

Letting You Go

66103 Bryan Adams

When You're Gone

66104 Buju Banton

Maybe We Are

66105 Bullet For My Valentine

No Control

66106 Buddy Holly

That's What They Say

66107 Buju Banton

Mother's Cry

66108 Buddy Holly

Think It Over

66109 Bullet For My Valentine

Over It

66110 Bryan Adams

Where Angels Fear To Tread

66111 Bryan Adams

Why Do You Have To Be So Hard To Love

66112 Bruce Springsteen

Leap of Faith [1992]

66113 Built To Spill


66114 BulletBoys

Smooth Up In Ya

66115 Buju Banton


66116 Bryan Adams

You Can't Take Me

66117 Buju Banton

My Woman Now

66118 Built To Spill


66119 Bullets and Octane

All Hail Halo

66120 Buju Banton

Not An Easy Road

66121 Buddy Holly


66122 Buddy Holly

True Love Ways

66123 Buddy Holly

Ummm, Oh Yeah

66124 Bruce Springsteen

Leap of Faith(Live)

66125 Bryan Adams

You Want It, You Got It

66126 Bullets and Octane

Bathroom Floor

66127 Buddy Holly

Valley of Tears

66128 Buju Banton

Only Man

66129 Buddy Holly

Wait Til The Sun Shines Nelly

66130 Built To Spill

Still Flat

66131 Bullets and Octane

Cancer California

66132 Buddy Holly

Wake Up Suzy

66133 Buju Banton

Paid Not Played

66134 Buddy Holly

Well...all Right

66135 Bruce Springsteen

Leavin' Train

66136 Bryan Adams

You Want It, You Got It (Terjemahan)

66137 Buddy Holly

What To Do

66138 Bruce Springsteen

Let's Be Friends (skin To Skin)

66139 Buddy Holly


66140 Bullets and Octane

Caving In

66141 Buju Banton

Redder Than Red

66142 Buddy Holly

Wishing - Buddy Holly, Bob Montgomery

66143 Buju Banton

Run Di Place

66144 Bullets and Octane

Going Blind

66145 Bruce Springsteen

Let's Go

66146 Built To Spill

Stop The Show

66147 Buddy Holly

Words Of Love

66148 Bruce Springsteen

Let's Go Tonight (Johnny Bye Bye)

66149 Bullets and Octane

I Aint Your Savior

66150 Built To Spill


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