Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
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65751 Bryan Adams

Low Life

65752 Buddy Jewell

If She Were Any Other Woman

65753 Bruce Springsteen

I Sold My Heart To The Junkman

65754 Buddy Holly

Earth Angel

65755 Buddy Jewell

Me Lovin' You

65756 Bryan Adams

Native Son

65757 Buddy Lackey

Five Years

65758 Bruce Springsteen

I Wanna Be Where the Bands Are

65759 Buddy Holly

Every Day

65760 Buddy Lackey

It's A Ghetto

65761 Buddy Jewell

O'Reilly Luck

65762 Buddy Holly


65763 Buddy Lackey

Just Like A Timepiece

65764 Bryan Adams

No One Makes It Right

65765 Bruce Springsteen

I Wanna Be With You

65766 Buddy Lackey

Let's Start A War

65767 Buddy Jewell

One In A Row

65768 Buddy Holly

Flower of My Heart - Buddy Holly, Bob Montgomery

65769 Buddy Lackey


65770 Bryan Adams

Not Guilty

65771 Buddy Holly

Fool's Paradise

65772 Buddy Jewell

One Step At A Time

65773 Bruce Springsteen

I Wanna Marry You

65774 Buddy Lackey

State Of Mind

65775 Buddy Holly

Girl On My Mind

65776 Buddy Jewell

Peg Leg Jesse's Daughter

65777 Buddy Lackey

Whispering Into Oblivion

65778 Bryan Adams

Not Romeo Not Juliet

65779 Buddy Jewell

Run Away Home

65780 Buddy Holly


65781 Bruce Springsteen

I Want You

65782 Buddy Lackey


65783 Buddy Jewell

So Gone

65784 Buddy Holly

Good Rockin' Tonight - Buddy Holly

65785 Bryan Adams

Nothing I've Ever Known

65786 Buddy Holly

Gotta Get You Near Me Blues - Buddy Holly, Bob Montgomery

65787 Buddy Jewell

Sweet Southern Comfort

65788 Bruce Springsteen

I Wish I Were Blind

65789 Buddy vs Dj The Wave

Ab In Den Süden

65790 Buddy Jewell

Times Like These

65791 Bryan Adams

Nowhere Fast

65792 Buddy Holly

Have You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue) - Buddy Holly

65793 Buddy Jewell

Today I Started Loving You Again

65794 Bruce Springsteen

I'm A Coward (When It Comes to Love)

65795 Buddy Holly


65796 Bryan Adams

On A Day Like Today

65797 Buddy Jewell

Why We Said Goodbye

65798 Buddy Wasisname & The Other Fellas

The Chocolate Song

65799 Bruce Springsteen

I'm Goin' Down

65800 Buddy Holly

Holly Hop - Buddy Holly

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