Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
55251 Blood Sweat & Tears

Sometimes In Winter

55252 The Morning After

Dengar dan Diam

55253 The Nylon

Sisakan Cintamu

55254 Blood Sweat & Tears

Spinning Wheel

55255 Blondie

The Hardest Part

55256 Bloodgood

Let My People Go

55257 Blood Sweat & Tears

Symphony/Sympathy For The Devil

55258 The Overtunes


55259 The One

Mimpi Buruk (intro)

55260 Blood Sweat & Tears

Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While)

55261 The Morning After

Disaat Tenang

55262 The Overtunes

Bukan Sekedar Kata (OST Susah Sinyal)

55263 The One

Mimpi Buruk (reff)

55264 Bloodgood

Live Wire

55265 Blood Sweat & Tears

Taking It Home

55266 The One

Semua Kenangan

55267 The Overtunes

Cinta Adalah OST. The Fabulous Udin

55268 Blondie

The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game

55269 Blood Sweat & Tears

The Battle

55270 The Overtunes

Dunia Bersamamu

55271 The One

Semua Kenangan intro

55272 The Overtunes

Hatimu Sama

55273 Blood Sweat & Tears

The Modern Adventures Of Plato, Diogenes, And Freud

55274 The Morning After

Everyday Starts at Midnight

55275 The Overtunes

I Still Love You

55276 Blood Sweat & Tears

Valentine's Day

55277 Bloodgood

Mad Dog World

55278 The OX

Bulan Yang Sama

55279 The Overtunes

If It's For You

55280 Blood Sweat & Tears

Variations On A Theme By Erik Satie

55281 Blondie

The Jam Was Moving

55282 The Overtunes


55283 Blood Sweat & Tears

Without Her

55284 The Morning After

Hard To Wait

55285 The Overtunes

Jatuh Dari Surga

55286 Blood Sweat & Tears


55287 The Overtunes

Ku Ingin Kau Tahu

55288 Bloodgood

Never Be The Same

55289 The Palm

Cinta Mati

55290 Blondie

The Tide Is High

55291 Blood Sweat & Tears

Yesterday's Music

55292 The Overtunes

Let You Go

55293 The Morning After

Monosyllabic Girl

55294 Blood Sweat & Tears

You've Made Me So Very Happy

55295 The Overtunes


55296 The Panas Dalam

Ayo Kita Kemana

55297 The Overtunes


55298 Bloodgood

New Age Illusion

55299 Blondie

The Tide Is High (Remix)

55300 The Overtunes

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