Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
55001 Blood Has Been Shed

She Speaks To Me

55002 Blood Red Throne

Path Of Flesh

55003 The Extra Large

Oh Boy

55004 Blondie

Look Good In Blue

55005 The Ellise


55006 Blood Red Throne

Portrait Of A Killer

55007 Blood Has Been Shed

Signs And Omens

55008 The Changcuters

Racun Dunia

55009 The Extra Large


55010 Blood Has Been Shed

Six Twelve

55011 Blood Has Been Shed

Technicolor Jackets

55012 Blood Red Throne

Ravenous War Machine

55013 Blondie

Louie Louie

55014 The Face

Benci Mencintaimu

55015 Blood Red Throne

Razor Jack

55016 Blood Has Been Shed

The House Of Fists

55017 The Fairies

Doktrin Cinta

55018 The Face


55019 Blondie

Love At The Pier

55020 THE FLY

Air Mata Suci

55021 Blood Red Throne

Souls Of Damnation

55022 The Finest Tree

Lupa Bawa Nyali

55023 The Changcuters

Remaja Masa Kini

55024 Blood Has Been Shed


55025 Blood Red Throne

The Children Shall Endure...

55026 Blondie


55027 The Changcuters

Rindu Ortu

55028 Blood Has Been Shed


55029 Blood Red Throne

Unleashing Hell

55030 THE FLY


55031 Blood Has Been Shed


55032 Blondie

Night Wind Sent

55033 The Changcuters

Sang Penakluk Api

55034 The Finest Tree

Melebur Beda

55035 Blood Has Been Shed

Willfull Ignorance

55036 The Freaks

Jatuh Cinta Tak Ada Logika Feat. Agnez Mo

55037 Blood Sweat & Tears

40,000 Headmen

55038 The Finest Tree

Melebur Beda (Ost Cinta Tapi Beda)

55039 The Changcuters

Semarak Disco Party

55040 Blood Sweat & Tears

A Look To My Heart

55041 Blood Sweat and Tears

Spining Wheel

55042 Blondie

No Exit

55043 THE FLY

Bila Kau Terjaga

55044 Blood Sweat & Tears

And When I Die

55045 The Changcuters

Senandung Pertemanan



55047 Blood Sweat & Tears

Applause Applause

55048 Blondie

No Exit (extended Video Version)

55049 Bloodbath

Bathe In Blood

55050 THE FLY


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