Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
54901 Blink 182

Whats My Age Agian (live Version)

54902 Blondie

I Didn't Have The Nerve To Say No

54903 Blink 182

Whats My Cult Again (hidden Track)

54904 The Changcuters

Bambang Irwanto

54905 Blink 182

When I Was Young

54906 Blood Has Been Shed

Age Of Apocalypse

54907 The Coffee

Ayo Sholat!

54908 Blondie

I Feel Love

54909 The Changcuters

Bebek Beringas

54910 Blood Has Been Shed

And A Seraphim Cries

54911 The Changcuters

Dang Ding Dong

54912 Blink 182

When You F***ed Grandpa

54913 Blondie

I Know But I Don

54914 Blood Has Been Shed

Beginner's Luck

54915 Blink 182


54916 Blood Has Been Shed


54917 Blink 182

Wishing Well

54918 The Corridors

Seperti Yang Lalu

54919 The Changcuters

Dia (Gadis Rock N Roll)

54920 Blood Has Been Shed

Call Waiting (john Doe Has The Upper Hand)

54921 The Changcuters

Gadis Rock N Roll Ku

54922 Blondie

I Know But I Don't Know

54923 The Arians

Suatu Hari Nanti

54924 Blink 182

Words of Wisdom

54925 Blood Has Been Shed


54926 The Changcuters

Gembel Cinta

54927 Blink 182

Wrecked Him

54928 Blondie

I Want That Man

54929 Blood Has Been Shed

En Sabah Nur

54930 The Changcuters

Gila - Gilaan

54931 Blondie

I'm Always Touched, By Your Presence Dear

54932 The Arians


54933 Blink 182

You F***ed Up My Life

54934 Blood Has Been Shed

Faded Pictures Faded Memories

54935 The Changcuters

Hap Hap Tangkap

54936 Blink 182

You F***ed Up My Life (bonus Track 14 On The

54937 Blondie

I'm Gonna Love You Too

54938 Blood Has Been Shed

From The Outside

54939 Blink 182


54940 The Arians

Tentang Kisahku

54941 The Changcuters

Hey Hey Hey

54942 Blondie

I'm On E

54943 Blood Has Been Shed

Greetings From The Gallows

54944 The Changcuters

Hey Hey Hey (kembali)

54945 The Dance Company

Coba Kau Bayangkan

54946 Blondie

In The Flesh

54947 Blood Red Throne

Affiliated With The Suffering

54948 The Dance Company


54949 The Changcuters

Hey Nona

54950 Blood Has Been Shed


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