Blue Coupe

Twin Peaks

Take everything you have in front of you
Make every movement, do it ′til ya do
You will not be happy for long if you're workingAnd what would be the point if you didn′t deserve it?

Eight long months later I feel better
I try to decompress all the things that tend to mess me up
They always mess me up
And you were never conscious of all the good that surrounds you

Wake up to the rhythm of the city and I try to remember
Even my brothers have some trouble with each other
Sometimes, things fell apart
It's the way that things are
It's the way that it is

Still, and I might, you have to suffer
You were never an example of someone who was givin′ up
You′re never givin' up
And you had all the options, you probably needed someone around you

Even when you split me up, groovin′ to the sound of the laughter
And if I listen to it closely, I can still hear all the love in his heart
Every time I take a look at the skyline, it makes me feel better
'Cause I just miss you down here where the other people try to move on

Now you′re a star
It's the way that things are
It′s the way that it is
Drivin' that car

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