Just Like Me


Just Like Me

Paul Revere and the Raiders

(Note: The following lyrics are taken from recordings by ear and are

probably imperfect; I'd appreciate getting corrections! -- matt, [email protected])

(C Bb F G, ...)

== Intro ==

== 1: ==

it's just like me

to say to you

love me do

and I'll be true

and what I'd like

for you to say

is you'll come home

to me each day

(with "ahh, ahh"s:)

hiku be my girl

that's what I want

just you sweet thing

and not a thing

it's just like me

to feel so good

and fall so much


in love with you

== 2: == (with "ahh, ahh"s)

it's just like me

it's just like me

I'm actin' the fool

that's how I'll be

but it's just like you

to say goodbye

and leave me all


alone at night, waah!

== Guitar solo ==

== Intro ==

== 1 == (with "aah, ahh"s starting 5th line)

(4th line: "is that you'll love me, here each day")

== 2 ==

it's just like me

... (fade)