Strap In

Neu G

Strap in
It′s about to get wild
Switching up the beatIt's about to go down
Ain′t got no time for no mild
I'm rolling with the clique
And u know we moving miles
Tattered on my wrist
It's more than just a style
I′m living by the truth
I don′t listen to their mouths
Buckle up
It's about to go down
Lowkey digging tunnels
Feel the rumble from the ground
Pull up in the whip
You can′t even touch me
Girl on my arm
You can't even hug me
Nike′s on the feet
You can't even catch me
But I′m white like cocaine bro
You can always see me aye
Spitting ak
With my bros in the back
Dropped a mixtape
Had to get one on the track
When they ask for sum
Bruh ionujack
She tried to sit down
I said b get off my lap aye
I'm like a dog
Clawing on the door
Rising from the floor
I'm on that 96
Plus an extra four
I′m coming up for more
You already know
Alright I′m out the door
Running down the road
I think I see my prey
We been here before bro
I think it's time you pray
Fires what I′m spitting
It comes from miles away
I'm a white rapper and I ain′t ashamed to say it
You see I copped a beat wit out no chains
It's a dirty kinda beat so grounded it done stays
They said I got sides but I′m just well rounded
I'm rolling through your city with my bass poundin
Feasting on the beat like I was eating a pie
Moving so fast I'm recollecting the drive
Ain′t focused on my past got my eyes on the prize
I′m feeling so fly I'm looking down on the sky
They can′t limit me I don't know no tame
Expect a package deal that′s the way that I came
Best buckle up we ain't cruising in this game
A storms coming in we about to hit a wave
The frames kinda dusty not the picture inside
Been fighting for a while it′s the menace and I
Been sick with the flu without the medicine
I know what to do but that's too serious now
Went from hazard sign to a green lit light
I will not turn left anything that I write
You're statement will be questioned if you say you right
It′s a long little story it don′t happen over night
All I see is four walls when they try box me in
Tell em they didn't think about the consequence
I didn′t get in the game for acknowledgments
But they still skip the flirt and go right to finesse
It's been a little while since I spit something raw
I seen a lot of things that don′t mean I'm not involved
I′m cooking in the kitchen after this I hit the mall
I'm looking fine as ever so you know I catch em all
I say I got jays but I'm be tripping these just hawks
Hanging with the homies and u know we move in flocks
Cruising down this highway it just might be 10 o′ clock
I′m heading to new york u know that's where I milly rock
This is not a highway just a stair well to the top
I keep on spitting fire so you know I′m staying hot
I'm kinda sorta sorry wait maybe kinna not
If you ain′t talking hip hop partner I don't wanna talk
Collecting all this element but I ain′t slipping rocks
I'm tryna find my own style like awaka floka flocks
They handing me this rap game they should keep it under locks
They shutting all these doors but they should know I'm on the OX
I pull up with the canon so you know I leave a bang
This flow is ADHD u can quote me I ain′t playing
I heard that Jesus calling so I listen for the ring
This life is kinda stormy so I play out in the rain
Im enjoying life I don′t worry bout no fame
I hope I make a difference like a walker or a cane
This track has got the bars but I'm chilling breaking chains
Imma say what I want partner I don′t got no shame
I don't got no shame bruh
There′s a lot more to this album
Imma free it from the cage

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