Jeannie Ortega

I really like your chain; the way you glossin boy, you changin up the game
You must really love your bling
Got em trippen for your bling
You stay pimpin cos your bling
Girls be crazy for your bling
Boy you got em goin

Why you always frontin
Actin like you got it all
Didint think i new that
You aint nothin but a boy

Sorry i blew your cover
But you live with your mother
You tryna call & holla
But you got no dollars

Oh, wheres the whip you driven
Wheres the condoe and the doe
Boy, you kno you lien
You and your silver gotta go


Not tryna hurt your feelings
Really think you could be cool
If you stop beilevin
That no*one else is as hot as you
Fereal tho i aint hatin
You need your reputation
So slow down ??
I'll buy you your next peice


Please forgive my honesty
But boy i think its pretty lame
If you wunta get with me
Gotta have more than a chain
Not tryna bring you down
Only tryna help you out
Just be real with your self
Thats what its all about