Infinite Disease

Rip it off
Been us against the world, my sweets
My larvae, my world, my womanThe pain hurts only
Just for a little while, yeah, yeah

It′s been some time
My wife left and she told me to act right
So this is me doing that
Although, she's gone right now
I know she′s mine, my whole life
And that ain't anything delusional
These are the promises we vowed to each other
We promised
We tight, we like this, yup
That same evening after conflict, I told her
I hope she has someone to clean her eyes in the morning
Soak up that breath even when she's hurting
Because that′s how pops suggested
Yeah, and I know we still got time
Yes, babe, it′s me, uh huh
Babe, yes, it's me
Stop playin′

Ain't nothing really ever over until we six feet under
Talking all the good from the bad and yeah, yeah, yeah
Maybe I get it from my mother
But you oughtta know by now I′m not just any lover
I'm your lover and close to you just like a brother
(Shshsh, I′m your lover, yeah, you know that)
We feed each other whenever there's hunger
In the club healing, healing
Your pain and grief became mine something like your mother
I could search the world for another girl
But I know there'll never be another
Lord, threw em all my way
Threw em all away
Maybe even something like a hundred
None will ever compare to my familiar
She was persuaded to leave even after trusting every word knowing
I would never lie
Man′s greatest weapon is a double edged sword, the word we spoketh
Word we spoketh
So this is where we lay
She′s coming home soon I can just feel it
Last one here's the rotten egg
Baby, when I say I give you my best
I mean it, I mean it
We can rest but we really never left
And neither one of us ever gotta be right
Because you and I we like this now
And this bond is so tight
So tight, so tight
You always right, never lied
We been married, hold up
Been sharing spoons, hold up, pension
And especially love, can′t forget to mention
Don't you dare go for that
Don′t you dare go spreading word
You didn't mean what you say, then
None of it would′ve been said ever at all
I'm done playing safe, hide and seek
Let's get uncomfortable, have this conversation
Just like this, let the music speak for itself
Bass in the left ear and me in your right
Sweet nothings about how good we are
Sweet nothings about don′t worry about the car
Where we′re going, where we don't need roads
And yes, yes, yes, it is so far
And so long, so long to get there
But who else to accompany me than my boulder
The woman who carries me, as she puts her head on my shoulder
I knew it wasn′t goodbye forever
I knew it!
Because we postponed the kiss
Postponed the kids
Postponed the ritz, then back to the crib
I love you more than life itself, and just for that we remain rich

You keep your love as you wish
Just come back, remember
Love returned it to sender
(As you wish)
The universe it flows like a river
If you leaving, baby, come back
If you want to give false hope, make sure it don't last
I never thought that our love was temporary
I′d never leave you unless you asked me to
I'm done fighting for us, y′know it gotta take two
It gotta take two, it gotta take two, it gotta take two
It takes two, baby

I never knew that when you said I love you
It was just for a little while
Come here missus and embrace your mister
Roles reversed, just a moment of your time
Yes, woman, you're my listener
You'll always be my boo, stop acting like a visitor
I never knew that when you said I love you
It was just for a little while
So true, we can′t lose
She′s a pagan so I'm rapping over Ralfi Pagan
What you know about the lowriders?
What you know about manifesting our heart′s desire?
(What you know?)
She saved me from being lonely
Remember when we said this is it?
You locked in better than some of my homies
¿Chula bonita, si quereres mis niñitos?
Why we wasting time still seeing other people?
Why though?

You showed me promenades, top me off
I'll do the same at regals
Same blood, same spit
Different day, same
(Oh my God)
Catch your eye even when you′re sleeping
Rest your head on my chest, just dreaming
Keep streaming, buy the premium
Don't never leave our casita
All I need is you to sleep
Forget all the other people

My time is up and you must go
Look at us, huh, who would′ve thought?
Keep rocking and rolling baby
Just for a little while
You know I love you, right?
I love you, baby
It's us against the world
'Till the day I leave this Earth
Y′know I love you, baby
Y′know I need you, girl
I can't do it alone, we a team
Made all these promises, c′mon now
Y'know what I mean, y′know I need you girl

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