Makin' Good Love (remix)



I'm doin' this for all my ladies

I know you thinkin' yo it sound a lullaby right?

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, A-V we so sick

We about to do this REMIX!!

Radio play this

[Krayzie Bone]

On the highway and it's Friday

In my big truck tryna get home to you

Stop and get a bottle to pop

I'll be off in the night time when we do what we do

Best part of my day is when we rollin' it up

And we blowin' and we zonin'

Feelin' the buzz, plus the love

Up till early in the morning

Bone Thugs, that's right

Let's go have some fun, in-the-bed-room

All day (all day) and all of the night

I been workin'

Now daddy comin' home

And I'm lookin' for a little bit of action

I be comin' through wanna do that thang

Let me bless you with thug passion


Girl when we, make, love all night

I mean we, make good love all night

When we, make, love all night

We really make love


On the way to my honnies

Leavin' the club and I'm off that henney baby

Hope a nigga understand that a nigga got a plan

And I really gotta see this lady

Charter plane in Cleveland

Hit up my thugs, let 'em know I'm leavin'

Four hours, windows tinted

Cause you know, how these hoes be creepin'

We off, and it's gonna get freaky

This weekend, off in my house

And I'm ready

Just hold it steady, I bet ya I break you off

Yes I'm slutty and you know

Thugs might get it rough I'm sorry

But dont know, you do what you do

When you drop that dress with that body

My God!


[Layzie Bone]

Baby we did our thang off in the shower

Had me goin' a whole hour

Thought I was fair like I was a coward

When you hit the streets and you felt this power

Of the thang I swang, thangs won't change

And I need that lovin'

Baby that baby, you got in the oven

All I need is kissin