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1) Left are Tel Aviv Indie-Rock duo Asaf Leizerovitz (Guitar, Vocals) and Gal Shiloach (Drums). Their debut album "Here for now" was released in November, 2010.

2) Member of post-rock band Mono (guitar), Taka carries out the emotion of his songs in all instrumental cinematic soundscapes, taking you through tumultuous sonic quakes and serene ambient flourishes.

3) LeFT is an independent nu metal/alternative band from Michigan consisting of Dan Schlicker (guitar), Dustin Malicoat (drums), Ryan Fleming (bass, vocals), & Matt Dalton (vocals, guitar). The band formed in 1998 and released their independent first effort We Deliver For You in 1999. In 2000 they inked a deal with independent label Medea Records and soon released their follow up My Disease in 2001. LeFT disbanded in 2002 and the members have worked with various other music projects since.

4) LEFT is a three-piece rock band from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Their debut album is titled "The Quest For Fire", produced by Remi Tjon Ajong (from Green Lizard)
In the live-circuit they have already abundantly proven to be an act that guarantees a passionate show full of conviction and emotion. Dutch leading critics VPRO 3 voor 12 labelled them "an act of great potential and world class" in one of their live-reviews.
During the last years LEFT played more than 200 live gigs in venues such as Paradiso, Melkweg, Mezz, W2, Effenaar, Metropool and Het Paard van Troje. They played as a support act for bands such as Green Lizard, Face Tomorrow, the American band Staind and Wolfmother from Australia. Next to that they were asked to record a soundtrack for the Dutch motion picture "Horizonica".
Late 2005 LEFT made it through to the finals of Holllands biggest bandcontest the "The Grand Prize of Holland" in which they won the Public's Choice Award by great majority of votes. This caused the band to gain more nationwide recognition and got air time on the national tv show "De Wereld Draait Door" and national radio stations such as KinkFM and 3FM.

5) Left is a Japanese punk band that formed in 2005.

6) Left is a Belgian electro/minimal/tech Club DJ

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