Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
211201 Rackets and Drapes

Plastic Jesus (haunted Remix)

211202 Racoon

Ice Cream Time

211203 R. KELLY


211204 Prince

Return Of The Bump Squad

211205 Queen

Mother Love

211206 Rachel Stevens

Funky Dory

211207 Procol Harum

Tuo Diamante (Shine on Brightly) [Mono Version]

211208 Rackets and Drapes

Rotten Apples

211209 Racoon


211210 Radio Kaos

Tu Y Yo

211211 Radiorama


211212 R.E.M.

Crush With Eyeliner

211213 Radiohead

A Punchup At A Wedding

211214 Prince

Right Back Here In My Arms

211215 Pulp

TV Movie

211216 Queen


211217 R. KELLY


211218 Racoon

Paper Home

211219 Rachel Platten

Begin Again

211220 Procol Harum

TV Caesar

211221 Radiorama

Cause The Night

211222 Rackets and Drapes


211223 Prince

Right The Wrong

211224 Racoon


211225 Queen

My Baby Does Me

211226 Radiorama


211227 R. KELLY


211228 Rackets and Drapes

Stix And Stonz

211229 R.E.M.


211230 Prince


211231 Procol Harum

TV Caeser

211232 Pulp


211233 Radiohead

A Punchup At A Wedding (Terjemahan)

211234 Queen

My Fairy King

211235 Rachel Stevens

Funny How

211236 Racoon

Rapid Eye Movement

211237 Radiorama

Let Me Be

211238 Radish

Dear Aunt Arctica

211239 Rackets and Drapes

Trick Or Treat

211240 Prince

Rock 'N' Roll Is Alive (And It Lives In Minneapolis)

211241 Procol Harum

Typewriter Torment

211242 Radiorama

Like An Angel

211243 R. KELLY

Fallin From The Sky

211244 Racoon


211245 Queen

My Life Has Been Saved

211246 Radish

Little Pink Stars

211247 Radiohead

A Reminder

211248 Rachel Platten

Better Place

211249 Prince

Rock Hard In A Funky Place

211250 R.E.M.

Dangerous Times

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