Bird's Eye View


featuring Tha Alkaholiks


When it comes to shit like this

I always get it right the first time

playa haters and snakes

waitin' for mistakes

But that's the breaks the highs and lows

Of the industry

D.I.T.C. and X to the Z

Bringin' it live

Get it crackin' to the third degree

Xzibit breakin' niggas down like H.I.V.

We gring rap to your city like B.E.T.

But still feel California

Is the place to be, Catashtrophy...


The Alkaholiks is back to fry you

Xtra crispy

With the skills that make the plots

to dis me Xtra risky

Cause the time it takes to infiltrate

And stop my forward motion

California will have broken off

And fell into the ocean

Cause i rocked around the world

With my ill type skill

Step for real or I'll leave your grill scarred like Seal

Cause I regulate the sectin where the drinks

Is gettin blended

Certifed bartender

So catch the 40

When I send it your way


Niggas that hustle

Till the day light break

Go to county 20 times

Still can't go straight

Don't nothin in the mothafuckin'

World come free

I'll never see a nine to five

Cause it just ain't me

(It's like this)

Xzibit shall hustle, lift build muscle

And think like Russell

Survive and bring it live and direct

To any crowd through out the world

Like this come home

And smoke a spliff in the benz

With Swift

Chorus(2 Times)


I'm fucked up J-Ro


Yo i'm fucked up to

Lookin' at these bitches

From a birds eye view

My name is J-Ro from tthe Likwit Crew

Hurricane G:

So what nigga is it you wanna do


My flow is metaphorical

Historicly correct

What do you expect from a nigga

With my intellect

East coast representing West coast gangsta

New I ain't tripp

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