Sacrificial Bonfire


Fire they cried

So evil must die

And yields are good

So men pull back hoods and smile

The scapegoat blood spilled

Spittled and grilled it crackled and spat

And children grew fat on the meat

Change must be earnt

Sacrificial bonfire must burn

Burn up the old

Ring in the new

Assembled on high

Silhouette against the sky

The smoke prayed and pranced

And sparks did their dance in the wind

Shadows wore thin with less and less skin

And the clothes that were draped

Was all that told man from ape

Change must be earnt

Sacrificial bonfire must reign

Reign over good

Banish the bad

Profil XTC

XTC was an influential new wave/alternative band which formed in Swindon, England in 1972. For most of their career, the band consisted of Andy Partridge (vocals, guitar), Colin Moulding (vocals, bass) and Dave Gregory (guitar, keyboards). Gregory replaced founding keyboardist Barry Andrews in 1979 and left himself in 1999. After co-founding drummer Terry Chambers left in 1983, the band did not choose a permanent replacement, and instead hired session drummers on an album-to-album basis. ... selengkapnya

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