Lirik Lagu Move In, Ride Out

oleh Tonedeff

Get ‘Em Up, Now, Gentleman, Wet ‘Em Up
Hit Em Up, Now Everyone – Move In
Get ‘Em Up, Now, Gentleman, Wet ‘Em Up
Hit Em Up, Now Everyone – Ride Out

Yo, I hit em up with a bit of a touch/
Of atypical lyrical visual cinema/
When I set up in the thick of the rhythm I get em intox-I-cated/
Its not complicated I made this one of a kind/
Run of a rhyme,
to stun or to blind, fly women from the front or behind/
If they stuck in the line, its something to find/
I aint stubborn to spend,
but this one brother been, hunting for dimes/
I pluck em in time, the second I get a chance to/
Hittin the backroom, in the mid of the song we dance through/
This track is for the broke as fuck cats with the better raps/
Seven women stacked in our laps/
Figured that we were prized with Kentucky Fried Chicken Dinner Packs/
Is it a fact? Oh Yes indeed/
T successfully brings the best recipe.

Yo, we gonna play Rawhide all-night/
I'm bringing the broad pipe just to get your walls tight/
Never see it coming with your foresight/
Loving to leave ya' quadriplegic like a fall from 4 flights/
I'm more like the type to charm t he hell outta ya/
Why do ya' wanna assume I play you like a harmonica/
On to the next order of business/
Attraction happens in a fabulous simultaneous instant/
Niggas know what blabbin about/
The second your mind reaches a dime piece,
you be thinking of askin her out, With the last of bit of doubt/
Taking the drivers position, never settle for the passenger route/
With an ass that's outlandish T-o-n-e cant stand it/
This woman even got me speak span-glish/
Baby Tu Eres Sexy! Forget It/
She wasn't feeling the charge like it was bad credit anesthetic/
No time for feeling pathetic/
When at the spot that's so hot, the liquor be getting tepid/
I'm sick of getting rejected already this evening/
My team's steaming cause I'm already fiending to be leaving/
Even now, that I be breathing loud/
I wasn't peeping how there was girl reaching out/
To take my hand, But when I turned Fate Commanded/
I'm left stranded – (Cock-Block) – I HATE THE MAN!

It's Game Over, restart the system/
Beats spark & blister, whenever T drops the hits/
He tops your list, no stopping this/
Checking the sound for how loud it gets, got your pops knocking fists/
Against the wall, Hence the call for all/
Rappers that pretend to ball to commence to fall/
Eventually you will prolly be stalling for Mom/
To back that ass up, how juvenile of a brawl/
I'm suitable to beautiful tracks/
Due to the fact Im shooting to catch
a cutie with back in 2 minutes flat/
Physically Rapture, what your mommy & daddy have manufactured/
Can it get any faster/
Leave it to Brendan Frazier to blast past Ya'/
Ask ya' dad man your mother be calling me assmaster/
Raps are hazardous/
Tone is a belligerent pacifist, like a pastor's fist/

But wait there's more, add the asterisk/
I ain't leaving the club until I got an ass to hit/
My plans for smashing get tarnished/
Cause there's nobody left in this piece to get it started/
And I don't flip for the typical harlot,
I'm finicky, never begging' your pardon/
Knowing I'm sprung whenever a certain part of my anatomy hardens/
I'm honest…Dickin a chicken with an
Elektra-magnetic figure ala Carmen/
Goodness, Gracious/
Tonedeff as nice as skies are spacious/
Vivacious… Knock a Hotty liable to fry some ice glaciers/
Rock hard bodies attached to nice faces/
Bras of high weight, or tall with tight waists/
Or Thongs that vibrate in all the right places/
Never hit up the bar for my tastes/
If you're less shy wasted than buy 9 cases/
Time is wasting I'm chasing the scattered ass/
Contemplating my chance of a latter pass/
At the honey that was taken from me, snatched from my grasp/
That's it! I'm about to tackle the task/
So, I dash in the path of her man with a laugh/
Just to act natural plus she was mad bashful/
My rap flow canceled her plans, left her man surpassed/
Then I took her to tantra class.

Profil dan Koleksi Lirik Lagu TONEDEFF

He's garnered a rep for his signature, rapid-fire delivery, yet he's considerably more than just a fast rapper. He sings and produces-though not quite a singer nor producer-and is the founder of QN5 Music, though you wouldn't just call him a label head. He's the artist you can't quite categorize.

Perhaps most impressive is that he does all of these things, and well. With a background as colorful as his talents, Tonedeff grew up in Chicago, IL, before moving to Miami, FL, for the remainder of his adolescence. ... selengkapnya

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