CHORUS : Hey gal you a look on me hard deh oh

I hope you can handle pengeleng

You a walk and a talk how you want me oh,

I hope you can handle pengeleng

Some gal deh a top and them a drop off of that

Dem can't handle pengeleng

Since you full a big chat me a go put yuh pon spot

Make sure you can handle pengeleng

VERSE 1: Stress,mi a come fi bus secret, mi come fi confess

Some gal them body good but them work nah impress

Them nuh know how fi utilise wha Jah over bless

Them fail every test, under house arrest

A so me have di gal dem wha claim dem a di best

Champion bubbler win every contest

Hack dem up, pack dem up, back dem up a me address

Mothing more nothing less


VERSE2 : Rude boy she a request because we push it little harder

Gal style old like some outdated Lade

True she wi slim, trim and mawga

Worries and stress if you cross mi border

Hold up deh a minute make mi give unnu the sage

Carla, Tamara and her friend wha name Marva

True dem hear the pattern and style we got a lotta

Three of them want me be them baby father.

Profil T.O.K.

1. Alistaire Mc Calla, Roshaun Clarke, Craig Thompson and Xavier Davidson make up the Jamaican dancehall crew, known as T.O.K (a.k.a Touch Of Klass).

Straight from Jamaica, T.O.K has emerged as dancehall's hottest foursome. The band, made up of Alex, Flexx, Bay-C and Craigy T, have shown their true strength with their sophomore VP Records set.

The group started out in high school doing R'n'B covers, and it was only a matter of time before they began to blend hardcore dancehall into their music to create their trademark style. ... selengkapnya

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