Lirik Lagu Only When I'm Drunk

oleh Tha Alkaholiks

Intro: Tash, speaking to J-Ro

Yo whassup man, get up man [*urrp* I can't bust man]

Get up nigga, bust [I'm fucked]

Get up you gotta do your verse nigga

[Aight I'll try it] Get up nigga!

Verse One: J-Ro

I get drunk and I stumble to the phone

And conjure up a bitch to bone when I'm alone

OHh shit, tow back, I need to take a piss

Only when I'm drunk I sing a song like this

My grandma and your grandma *urrp*

Sittin by the fire

Hold on, turn the beat off [nah, keep it goin

J-Ro can you make it?] I'm just not knowin

I get drunk and start talkin mo' shit

And when I got a gun in my hand you better get, out

Cause my brain just ain't what it used to be

Forget tryin to raionalize, cover your eyes

Ah d-*urrp*, damn I'm drunk

I need a chunk, no better yet a hunk of that funk

When I get drunk I might act uncouth

But when I get drunk I always tell the truth

Yeah I'm good, I'm bad, I'm dope, I'm freaky fresh

I make hip-hop fans say yes yes

The Liks comin through, you know we gonna blow upop

Hold up, hold up, I think I gotta...

*urrrrrrp* Damn, false alarm

Gettin all the ladies with my cool charm

When I get drunk I might even call my daddy a punk

Yeah, but only when I'm dr-*urp* drunk

Yeah, let me pass the forty, to my nigga, Tash

Verse Two: Tash, E-Swift

It goes one for the chronic, two for the amnesia

It's the pimp-slap niggy with drinks in the freezer

Bust the one out, two out, [flips] type of rapper

That'd get you our your seat quicker than a car jacker

Slip a Colt for the fever when I'm coolin with my people

Got hoes in East Columus lik

Profil dan Koleksi Lirik Lagu THA ALKAHOLIKS

Tha Alkaholiks, also known as Tha Liks, are an American hip-hop group from Los Angeles, California. Since the early 1990s they have produced funky, upbeat, hedonism-themed party music with a hardcore hip hop edge, powered by the beats of DJ and producer E-Swift (born Eric Brooks in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA) and the lively, comedic rhymes of J-Ro (born James Robinson in Los Angeles) and Tash (born Rico Smith in Cincinnati). Though commercial crossover success largely eluded the group ... selengkapnya

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