I'm Comin'

T Love

Droppin dimes on a high diva got beats and rhymes

I mean whatever man I be sort of like a reverand

Said I'd be back one day severin

Come now come all b'say sister and breddern

Whether'n you got faith or not

Beats fat like three cheese see I took walks with Jesus

Now it's time for me to make a reappearance

Now in form on beats and rhymes sample clearance

I do amazing miracle theorical cause I'm global

All around the world, from the Merc to Chernobyl

May be on the tongues of millions, like throat lozenges

Whateva I utter is butter, homogenous

To the stuff that they put in tapioca; style's pudding

Wrapped around your neck like a choker

When it comes to rhymes I got a plethora

I'm a definition of a sister who can flip it yo

So where you at? (I'm comin')

[So where you at?] (I'm comin')

[Where you at?] (I'm comin')

[So where you at?] "From the midsts of the darkness, I come with this"

Lyrical wickedness, down to the bone like Medusa

I used ta, turn emcees to stone

I came to break down sounds and proto-plex'm

Excuse me, I'm mic checking, mic checking

one two three -- ask how to spell sweet

L-O-V-E, see, this is the flow that goes

well with the beat, T-Love on the street

I'm on the avenue, in the area, and

lyrical abra-sions, what I'm givin

All throughout my days and, occasion

I'm fazin, amazin.. cause I'm amazin in lo-o-o-ve

Plugin more Tunes than Trugoy to Dove

No static with Rhettmatic

but I'm up above see, ain't got time to kick it

Nah not for no booty B, the rhymes be too wicked

Oh so you can keep your sheeit, what?

So where you at? (I'm comin')

Profil T LOVE

T Love is Taura Taylor-Mendoza, editor of URB Magazine.
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