Lirik Lagu I'm the One

oleh Shai Linne

Mic check 1, 2.
Yo, I don't know what you think this is, man.
You think you can talk about me as much as you do and I won't respond?
Better realize I'm the one.
Let's go!

I'm the One that the movies use to entertain and I'm the One that seems fun on video games.
I'm the One that the rappers like to shout about.
I'm the One that does to them what comes out of their mouth.
I'm the One that's broadcast on the news nightly.
I'm the One that most take too lightly.
I'm the One that's been the enemy for centuries.
You'll all come to me eventually.

I'll take now all contenders between January and December.
Destruction's my agenda, I'm the one to remember.
This is not hyperbole, I'm not know to exaggerate.
So what I'm dropping verbally, I'm in prone to acuate and if your laughing, you have no clue about my magnitude and how I'm smashing dudes with a nasty attitude.
I'm sorry that was rude, I got such a major rep that I never introduced myself, Hi my name is Death.
Nice to meet you, It would also be nice to defeat you and watch the worms eat you when I 6 feet deep you.
Your probably wondering how I be shoutin' with hostilities, silly wanna be killers really be doubtin' my abilities.
They all be actin, talkin' smack with their sorry rappin' but when I'm called to action, they'll all be silent like Charlie Chaplin.
I'm all reactin'.
WIll you respect me like you cherished sin or will I have to turn your arogance into embarrassement?

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About shai linne

shai linne is living proof that God has a wonderful sense of humor. He once told his mom that he would never, ever become a Christian, completely oblivious to the fact that God had chosen him to be a Christian before time began. He doesn't like the spotlight, so God gave him natural gifts that put him on stage as an actor. He doesn't like to be in front of people, so God gave him spiritual gifts that are mostly public in nature. shai has appeared on numerous independent and national Christian Hip-hop releases ... selengkapnya

Achmad Albar - Alan Walker - Anji - Ari Lasso - Iwan Fals - Nella Kharisma - Rhoma Irama - Slank - Sherina - The Mercys

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