Lirik Lagu Plan the Escape


Dead flower petals laying on the concrete, another brown cross hammered in the soil, another white candle for the lost, another lost cause proving that he's loyal
But I could never run away it is what it is, crush these pills up and light up a cig, roll up the dollar bill just like this, I could break it down and burn up a spliff
My get away on these clouds I drift, leave it all behind I don't need no shit, Just another dab man just another pinch, just another shroom man just another sniff
I got no limits man I don't behave. I got that sticky man, I got that grape, y'all never seen it like I ever did, so I just continue to trip by the bay
I been so numb I swear I'm not okay, prescription I got is in Grandmama name
Maybe I'm wrong but who is to say?
Shit all I know it takes it away
Plan the escape, plan the escape!
Drown in the fifth while I'm digging my grave, off with this shit and I can't feel no pain
Running circles they fading away and they fading away
I can't hold on its been out of my hands tell me how you could expect me to stay?
Shame to my name bringing shame to my name
Focus on love but my hearts full of hate
Blood on my sleeve you can see how it stains
I swear that I want it but I cannot change
Running in circles they fading away and they fading away

Tell me, how could I avoid it all? and ill tell you how everything about its flawed
Cause I'm drawn to the pain that we both contain, like a breath of air you give off
We lay here in vain but we feel the same its like our own escape from real love
Sucked all my life out my very soul
Took all my might not to kill us all
So why does it seem? You are not grateful to me?
I gave you the world, bitch only gave me a piece
I got a feeling y'all never could be, trapped with a nigga that planted the seed
Murkin' each other the same loaded piece
Cocking the hammer and letting it breathe
All to you maggots who drag us beneath
Cry to the sky like please please set me free
Please set me free, please set me free
But what is this freedom that's never been seen?
What is a God if nobody believes? What is this vision if no-one can see?
What fucks music if it isn't me? What is this art if i cannot release?
This burden, this passion, this shitty disease
I'm hurting, I'm lacking I'm packing the heat
I'm offering freedom and ill set you free, ill set you free
I'll set you free

Achmad Albar - Alan Walker - Anji - Ari Lasso - Iwan Fals - Nella Kharisma - Rhoma Irama - Slank - Sherina - The Mercys

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