Sauti Sol

Turn off the lights pretty baby

Put on some make love song
Turn down the noise pretty darling
Play me some Sauti Sol
Nimeshikwa na mahanjam, mahanjam
Zanipanda mahanjam
Let me whisper in your ear
Baby get me right and clear

Oooh nikushike Nikushike Nikushike baby Nikushike
Until you say aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiii
I'm gonna make you say aiyaiya

Its me and you
Baby, let's get in the mood
Hey you with a pretty little smile
I wanna see the light just shining in your eyes,
You know what to do
So, zima zima taa
Washa, washa mishumaa
Pandisha mzuka baby sasa twende kazi
Tamu kama wali wa nazi

Nakuomba baby unishike (Unishike),
Unishike mpenzi (Unishike),
Unishike (Unishike) No no no no no no no no,
Until you say aaaaaaaaai
Until you say aaaaaaaaai

Mmmh I wanna hold you tighter and sweeter
Lets make love tonight
I wanna kiss you tender and deeper
Lets make la, la, la, la, love

I wanna hold you tighter, and sweeter
Lets make love tonight
I wanna kiss you tender, and deeper
Lets make, lets make, lets make love

La la la la la la la la la la la long love babe
Lets make love
La la la la la la la la la la la long loving
And baby when you,
Tease me, tease me, tease me, tease me, te tease me baby
Put your arms around my body ey ey ey ey eeh

Uuuuuh nishike baby (Unishike)
Touch me baibe (Unishike)
Oooh hold me honey (Unishike)
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Oooh nishike (Unishike)

Sauti Sol

From a young age in their native Kenya Bien, Chimano, Delvin and Polycarp were conditioned to believe that music was a worthless pursuit.
Together they fought hard against these cultural stereotypes and developed a unique confidence in their art that provides an exciting fuel for their music and live performances.

Blending warm resonant pop with traditional Kenyan influences, Sauti Sol’s mélange of energetic rhythms have promoted the group to become one of East Africa's most celebrated. ... Selengkapnya


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