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Ras Kass

[Ras Kass]

I was lyrically Hip Hop's top 5 before two of my niggas died

Syntax a deep impact Bruce Willis couldn't survive

A strange death since niggas wasn't loud

I'm throwin monitors offstage cause Rakim said (move the crowd)

I'm one year older ten times more determined potna

A hairy situation like (Chaka?) fuckin Chewbacca

Connect the dots murder by design

Shit on your intellect and fertilize your mind (mind)

Pull out the guage and we can face off like Nicolas Cage

Battle for the second coming of Christ and see whose soul gets saved

One might be your girl so don't trust her. I'll tell it like Usher

*singing* Girl I'll make you wanna leave the clown you with,

Start a new relationship, make the bitch take the dick

She ate the dick too, though, that's Mr. mafioso dulo

We bustin caps at your culo....


Waterproof, baby. Know what I'm sayin? That means we can't be wet.


(the waterproof MC, you ain't wettin me

you need to stop rappin and start robbin banks like Steady B)

[Ras Kass]

My style is sex and violence, vocabulary and science, and an uneasy


Let's toast the bread like a plugged up appliance (I'll drink to that!)

Remy on the rocks, the real estated eventually, son

Reverse (deverdi pras to pras verdi?) like, Century 21

I want the mansion and the yacht

And all the shit them rich wack rappers got (then the ultimatum was read)

Like every MC woke up with a thouroughbred horsehead in they bed

In other words, teflon tops with (keflar?) nuts

The closest I ever been to ass was cigarette butts

I'm nice, that's probably why I don't be fuckin with Sprite

Cause thirst is nothin, image is everything on the mic

Profil dan Koleksi Lirik Lagu RAS KASS

John Austin IV,(born September 25, 1976 in Carson, California), is better known by his stage name Ras Kass.
He released his debut album Soul on Ice in 1996. The album built up considerable hype through the release of several independent singles, including "Remain Anonymous" and "Won't Catch Me Runnin'." Soul on Ice saw little commercial success but was adored by the hip-hop underground, which appreciated both his sharp battle rhymes and his militant Afrocentricity. ... selengkapnya

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