I Ain't From Compton


*N.W.A.'s "Straight Outta Compton" plays*

'Eazy is his name and the boys is coming (Straight Outta C..)'

*record is suddenly cut off*

Hold it now wait hold it

That's PLAYED out *DJ cuts and scratches* hit it!

Straight up Watts! (repeat 4X)

The latest tape and it's out from the LA town

Four niggaz from Watts operate with rhymes

If you woke up late then I'ma pull out the nine

millimete but it's bound to go deep, as I proceed

to the next line, born in LA, Watts raised me up

Not Compton where if I was a sell-out I'd be a

stupid motherfucker but I'm not, no I'm not a zero

Tell you whatup, c'mon, niggaz ain't hero

You ran 100 Miles to avoid a jack

The Bottom group will meet yo' ass on the tracks

It's vinyl put to walls, you can't hang, how can your figure

Let's be honest -- have you ever squeezed a trigger?

In the late 70's yo the courthouse was built

A year later the first nigga was kilt

(Caught stealing hubcaps, is that a fact?)

Nah but I'm sure it was somethin like that

Where I'm from niggaz are BROKE, and fuck bein RUTHLESS

If you're RUTHLESS, ass'll be TOOTHLESS

Bow till they feel the flipside straight stompin

And I ain't from Compton

Straight up Watts! (repeat 4X)

"Attitude but I ain't from Compton" --> Paris

Straight up Watts! (repeat 4X)

"Attitude but I ain't from Compton" --> Paris

Hey close the doors and windows, hide your goods

When the Bottom of Watts is in your motherfuckin hood

Hold my zone with a vicious appetite

And we'll take your shit (after we take your life)

That's why these suckers th

Profil OFTB

Operation From The Bottom was a Hip-Hop outfit from Watts, specializing in gangsta rap during the mid-90's. They were associated with Death Row records for a brief period, and in addition to releasing 2 albums; "Operation From The Bottom" and "Straight Up Watts", they appeared with the bonus track "Hot One" on the cassette-only version of the soundtrack to "Murder Was The Case". ... selengkapnya

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