It's Happening

Number One Fan

Wait for the stars to change my fate,

Oh hell, it doesn't matter anyway.

Arriving home on Saturday,

Oh well, you would've known anyway.


You could not wait one more day,

It's happening.

I chose to stay much too late,

It's happening.

I threw it away these past few days,

Oh hell, it wasn't even that great.

I love what you do but hate what you say.

Oh hell, I was so lonely.


You could not wait...

It's happening.


Nicholas Ziemann formed Number One Fan with guitarist Matthew Reetz and drummer Jonathan Fries while in high school in Appleton, Wisconsin. After the defection of the bands original bassist, Nick's brother Michael bought a Fender P, taught himself how to play, and was quickly added to the mix. With the lineup solidified, the band immediately began playing shows regionally, quickly making a name for themselves with their passionate, powerful live performances. ... selengkapnya

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