It's A 3 Fifty 7


(Footsteps heard) (Door creaks open) ' 5 seconds in total

Ugh! What? Is it time already? Quick shit you know'

Verse One

Double security is needed, barred up windows

Neighbours, complaining telling to out indo-s

Dogs put on guard, trained and guaranteed to be hard

Enter you end with yourself in Dudley Rd. ward

Doors board, nobody can be trusted at this moment

And the rules say, concentrate on your opponent

Don't necessarily, go and kill, shoot your way

Innocents getting sprayed, hit men getting paid

Clocks are ticking, time delayed anyway

I don't know some how, all you niggas will pay

Street corners are dark, all is seen are sparks

For my head, while looking upon the stars

No more riots, shit is quiet until something happens

Involved are more jacking! Police raids, people on bail

From jail, while getting out, have to tell a tail

You must succeed, if you suddenly fail

Before a 357 came, everything was well in the game

Bitches aren't the same still I feel the pain

Surviving through my turf, what is it now worth?

More people moved out, to another part of the Earth

Or the suburbs, outer city, where it less rains

But still blood from another victim still remains

We can all see, what the community has done

More niggas opportunity's is to purchase a gun

Then run, from all our feds, fucked up dead

Suddenly later, with either marks through the head

Or the chest, cos your life was put on jeopardy

Only my area, will be the death of me'

3 Fifty 7 (D.K ' 357 to the skies)

3 Fifty 7 (D.K ' 357 to the skies)

(Keep repeating while N.J talks)

You better know! You better see! You better read! Cos this is worldwide, every community and city' (Get money)

Surrounding everywhere! The cases, the chases, the papers, and release dates! You gets me bloods?

Verse Two

Not just odd numbers followed in a simple line

Recognising the pattern, adding two all the time

This isn't a 357 but a three fifty, up to the skies

I dunno how most of you n

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