Boogie Down Bronx / BK Connection

Nice & Smooth

(feat. Rappin' is Fundamental)

[Greg Nice]
Ay, ay, ay, ay

Rappin' Is Fundamental
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay
Nice & Smooth is goin down

It be the Boogie Down Bronx / BK connection
Feel it in your soul, in your mid-section

[VERSE 1: Greg Nice]
I know a whole lotta niggas tryin to do what I do
But they be imitation, they ain't got a clue
What they need to do is sit back and sip a brew
All I wanna know is, can you woo-woo-woo?
Put your hands up high, up higher than a kite
It's time to get the dough like my name was Suge Knight
Put 5000 down on a Mike Tyson fight
Got love for Slick Rick, got love for Vance Wright
Whodini said it best, the freaks come out at night
There be no limitation to the imitation
There be even imitation in your own foundation

[VERSE 2: A.B. Money]
Well, it's A.B., the flavor of the month
Well, it's A.B., the baby of the month
If I don't get my jewels, if I'm gonna catch a bid
As the world turns, only one life to live
Blowin up shit from - ehm, Gooden & Gooden
Ah fuck it, in this rap shit they are my children
Don't be talkin like you unstoppable
Mess around and be laid up in General Hospital
But still, what's up with that pushin and that shovin?
Been around the world, but A.B. Money got lovin
Style and grace, really cannot handle
Ricky Lake and Richard Bay love them scandals

[Greg Nice]
It be the Boogie Down Bronx / BK connection
Feel it in your soul, in your mid-section

[VERSE 3: Smooth Bee]
It's Smooth Bee, I'm supernatural, now what's your issue?
You're superficial, like the Godfather, before I kill you, I'm gonna kiss you
I took your heart because I'm smart, who wanna wrestle?
You can't live forever, you're just a vessel
When I rap, niggas get held down and held back
Tryin to be Smooth Bee, nigga, you're wack
Now peep it, I smoke you up like Chocolate Dutch or Philly or White Owl
Your nose is running, you're sweatin, you need a towel
I do you softly, the vertebra stlye of Fugee
Then I bust yo shit like Mike Tyson in a Rocky movie

[VERSE 4: Easy Mo Bee]
Boogie Down / Brooklyn Connection, I'm next, son
Easy Mo Bee pushin buttons, hear the next one
Son, you better get ready, I'm strikin on mics, and
Hittin like Tyson, Nice & Smooth be the priceless
I'm Brooklyn-bound, but the Boogie is my sound
Afrika Bambaataa to 2000, world renowned
We on the B-Q-E to the Tri-Borough
Rappin' Is Fundamental, Nice & Smooth - mad thorough

[VERSE 5: J.R. / Styles]
I'm gonna blow a little bit of harmony
Everybody know I got a song to sing
Nice & Smooth, Fundamental, make it funky for you
Here come the ill rap singer Mr. Styles, about to get ya
Straight from the streets with mo' beats rare than Rza
>From BK to Boogie Down connectin in your section
About to show you why that we the best, so learn your lesson
The east and west walker, slang and gang talker
Stricly Fundamental, dope beat, the rhyme stalker
Styles and Nice & Smooth breaks it down like a wild man
To baggin chicks from East New York down to Shaolin
I'm rugged ruff, Brooklyn rudeboy
And I can bring the pain and bring the joy, so pick the toy


Nice & Smooth is an underground East Coast rap duo from New York, composed of Greg Nice (Greg Mays) and Smooth B (Daryl Barnes).

Together, they made several albums in the late 1980s and early 1990s to little popular appeal, though their second album (Ain't a Damn Thing Changed, 1991) was a commercial success that included a minor hit in "Sometimes I Rhyme Slow". "Hip-Hop Junkies", which featured a sample from The Partridge Family's "I Think I Love You" was also a hit, and once performed live on Keenan Ivory Wayans "In Living Color". ... selengkapnya

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