Z, Twista, & - Is That Your Chick

Memphis Bleek Featuring Jay



Memph Bleek

Jigga man

Missy, Twista sho' nuff

Yeah, yo

Don't get mad at me

I don't love 'em I fuck 'em

I don't chase 'em I duck 'em

I replace 'em with another one

You had to see she keep calling me BIG

(And another one!)

And my name is Jay-Z

She was all on my dick

Gradually I'm taking over your bitch

Coming over your shit

Got my feet up on you sofas, man

I mean a hostess for my open hand

You coming home to dishes and empty soda cans

I got your bitch up in my Rover man

I never kiss her, I never hold her hand

In fact I diss her I'm a bolder man

I'mma pimp her, it's over man

When I twist her in the Gold sedan

Like I'm Goldie man, you're bitch chose man

Jigga man, ice burg with the frozen hands

Wedding bells don't make it rosie man


Oh is that your chick

Why she all in his six?

With her hand on his dick

Keep licking her lips

Is that your chick?

Why she all in his ride?

With her hand on his thigh

Keep looking in his eyes

Oh is that your chick?

You better tell her chill

While you all in his grill

Don't you know that man kill?

Is that your chick?

Why she beeping him?

Keep praising him?

Cause that's Bleek and them, trick

[Memphis Bleek]

Yo check it now, yo, yo

Your hoe chose I

I ain't gonna lie

What I look like turnin' down chocha

Drove by, smokin' lye

Recognize a pimp, open your eyes

Hop in the passenger side of the ride

Damn Bleek, can't speak

Uh-huh, okay, what's up, SHUT UP

And close the door

Act like you been in the drop top

On the open road before

Fix your weave, then fix me

Ever gave head doing 160?

Ever seen a pair of kicks this crispy

How you love how the white wife beater fit me

M-dot, him hot, them not

(That's gangsta)


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