Lirik Lagu KL Streets


call it the city of lights
you'll never sight a black skyline
where life's a race the pace like my black skyline
i used to envy players, green on the sideline
now coach rap and make greens on the sideline
yo f a bedtime, hustle gotta get mine
chasin money while you wastin money poppin red wine
impressin honeys, typical undress 'em dummies
i rather invest in the streets
see me dressed in money
look at you dawg, you remind me of past time
last time work hard, now laugh time
went from ashy, nasty, classy
used to outcast, now who the f can outclass me
put your city on your head so you can rep it well
and my caps are like my lyrics, gotta rap it well
and my raps is like a gift for you, i wrap it well
hustler to entrepeneur, a little rapid, wow

why i feel like im losing weight?
why i ain't got no money if movin weight?
life's based upon what imma do this year?
drop more hits, cop more gear
run the streets of KL in my nike airs
you ain"t gotta stare, go cop a pair
still the scrutiny, nuttin they could do to me
i'll make sure my mother and girl
be smothered in pearls
when a brother under the world

im breakin bread now with joe flizz in showbiz
(but)these hopeless singers makin rap slow biz
entertainment now is textin, vote like elections
with all due respect
i disagree with your selections
underserving overnight stars
these punchlines will leave you punkk with
overnight scars
industry victim fighting for the right course
re-write laws, a rebel yes without a slight pause
whatever happen to talent, skills and hardwork?
can do much.laugh, chill, start work
hit the streets, kl phat cap on in back alleys
politickin with OG's, toolies in the fat bellys
adversaries steady plottin because they fearful
say my raps are deeper now no longer cheerful
but still i give them an earful, its tearful
told my mother i hustle
and she said be careful

gotta keep my muscle strong
get my hustle on
because the streets are watchin
because the streets are talkin
(streets of kuala lumpur)

you know where i be
yo i be chillin in the coupe, listenin to weezy
dont need no body guard, leeve me with my breezy
eyes on the road, feelin fly as hell
tryin not to get lost in the streets of KL
you got a slow car, wanna drive fast too
i try to drive slow, but i still pass you
the only game you got is PS2
its over kid,

PS: boo

yo thats my word
keep your muscle strong and
get your hustle on
2008 and so on
keep workin, workin dont stop

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