G T F O My Face

Lil Mount

On that drank (drank)
On that dro (blow)
Blow it down (yuh)
All the smoke (aye)
In that Coupe
Diamond chain (ice)
Count them racks (what)
In that bank (yuh)
Want that Patek Philippe (huh)
Been had the vip (vip)
Diamonds rain all over me (drip)
My name is Lil but I'm B-I-G (big)
You cannot stop the elite (nah)
Swapped the Beamer for a Jeep (jeep)
I'm not a snack I'm a treat (treat)
I'm taking off with the beat
Extendo dreams smoking limousines
Posted in the trap with designer things
And I'm poppin on pills and I'm poppin on beans (beans)
You the joker bitch I'm the queen (yuh)
Like a royal flush I got a royal rush
All these people say I got the royal touch
Fuck the love I just want the lust
Only got a couple people that I trust

These bitches all in my face
Bitch get the fuck out my face uh
Bitch get the fuck away uh
I don't trust no hoe
They don't want no smoke uh
Like they don't want no smoke

Bust down bust down bust down diamonds so wet make them drown (splash)
Lil Mount goin all out and we slapping bitches down for the count
Not playing around we put these bitches down at the pound
This shit we smoking is loud I'm balling out
I got your mans pants falling down
Bitch how that sound
And I'm still stunting
While your woman crush Wednesday is built like McLovin
These people pop up on me all of a sudden
My water is drippin your fake chains is rusting
Grips busting
Shoot one (kill shot)
My killcam show a (headshot)
Bullseye (onspot)
Blasting off in a hot rod
Roll the windows up bitch it's a hot box
And I can never stop stop
Throwing red flags like a mother fucking mailbox
Put that shit on guap
The box say "one side up," but Lil Mount coming out on top bitch

Bitches all over my meat
Don't give a fuck what you think
No one is better than me
No one is better than me
I just fuck up on a ho
I just pull up to the show
I just gon fuck on yo ho
I just pull up with my bro
What the fuck is it you know
She just got more on the floor
Damn I want all of the smoke

Bust down on my wrist ooh
I just fucked yo bih ooh
Looked straight at my loss and I left it with a win ooh
Diamonds stay dancing
I don't get distracted
I don't do no love cus I don't do romancing
A dad to you Nigga that's why y'all some bastards
And I'll have you ghost like your nickname is Casper
Chain 3K like Andre
Pussy tasty entree
Bitches heartless Kanye
Snatch yo chain like Friday
Bust down
Bust down
Bust down
Asian on my dick that's kung pao
Stick to the flip when I dip on a bitch motherfucker always tripping know I clap it and what now
Pull up on yo block like
Bitch what you thought aye
Cooking on the pot aye
Stay on moon rock aye

Bitches they all on my meat
Bitch what the fuck does you think
No one is better than me
Bitches they all on my meat
Bitch what the fuck does you think
No is better than me bitch

Achmad Albar - Alan Walker - Anji - Ari Lasso - Iwan Fals - Nella Kharisma - Rhoma Irama - Slank - Sherina - The Mercys

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