Lirik Lagu I'm Real

oleh J.Lo

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Called you on the phone ' said im comin through ' I hope your all alone, cause i got plans for you ' we can stay at home ' or dance and hang all night ' as long as I'm with you it dosn't matter what we do. ' don't ask me where i've been ' or what im gonna dojust know that im here with you ' don't try to understand ' baby, theres no mystery, cause you know how I am
I'm real. what you get is what you see ' what your trying to do with me ' you don't want to say your mine ' be with me all the time ' your falling so in love ' say you just can't get enough ' youre tellin all your friends. (shes a bad bad b*tch)
you like the way i dress ' the way i wear my hair ' show me off to all your friends ' ad baby i don't care ' just as long as you tell them who i am ' tell them im the one that made you give a damn ' don't ask me where ive been ' or what im gonna do ' just know that i here with you ' dont try to understand ' theres no mystery ' cause you know how I am

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