The House

Ice T

You know the houe down the street

Where the kids are

and every day

They seem to have a new scar

Something strange is going on

And everybody knows

Doors always shut

Windows always closed

The little girl had a burn

The boy was black and blue

They said it came from play

You know that shit ain't true

The boy's arm's broke

Girl's scared to speak

Their parents drink all day

Couple of dead beats

Some days they go to school

And other days they might

It's hard to stay awake

After you cry all night

You see 'em every daay

Tear tracks on their cheeks

But they will never tell

It goes on weeks and weeks

(But what can they do?

They're only children man!)

You ain't no fuckin' kid

Act like you give a damn!

Won't someone save these kids

Do something, call a cop

The other night I heard gun shots!