Lirik Lagu Qualify & Satisfy


I'm not conceited by no means (yeah)

I just know what I'm capable of

But if you're looking for some love

I'm qualified to satisfy

Now if your man ain't where it's at (yeah)

Now if he's as corny as that (yeah)

Just tell the square to get his hat (oww!)

I'm qualified to satisfy



Profil dan Koleksi Lirik Lagu FUNKADELIC

Funkadelic was originally the backing band for the doo wop group, Parliament. The band was added in 1964, primarily for tours, and consisted of Frankie Boyce, Richard Boyce and Langston Booth. They enlisted in the army in 1966, and George Clinton (the leader of Parliament) recruited Billy Bass Nelson and Eddie Hazel in 1967, then also adding Tawl Ross and Tiki Fulwood.

Due to legal difficulties between Clinton and Revilot, The Parliaments' label ... selengkapnya

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