Girls Along The Road

Fiddler's Green

Oh I'm just in the vein of a nice refrain so pay attention round

And the name I'll tell of a fine young swell and a rich young man called Brown

Oh he listed in the Antrim rifle corps all you who listen to me ode

Do the thing that's right going home tonight with the girls along the road

Brown was a spark he was fond of a lark, a married man tho' not chaste

And little he cared if his own wife heard if another girl took his taste

Aye and he himself dressed in his regimental best as proud as a peacock strode

Admiring the girls with their long hair curled as they walked along the road

Oh he courted a girl with nice curly hair, blue boots and a red leather belt

And he idly talked as he onward walked endeavoring her heart to melt

And his gay grenadier with a wink and a leer enquired her name and abode

And he felt as grand as a lord of the land with the girls along the road

Mr. Brown and his love sat down in a tavern hard near by

And he called for a drain of the good champagne and a plate of the old pork pie

And his arms he placed around her waist and his heart with love overflowed

And he says it's alright we'll be happy tonight with the girls along the road

O this funny little man he had just begun his love tales to outpour

When who should he see but his own Mrs B. peeping in at the parlour door

With a bolt like a bear she fastened in his hair for the signs of her anger showed

Saying I'll tear away your eyes if you go to exercise with the girls along the road

Now to set matters right these women had a fight a first rate tumble up and down

And they sent to smithereens hats, coats and crinolines and then they set to work on Brown

He was jolly well thrashed and his head all bashed as the crowd their anger bestowed

And his fine uniform was all torn in the storm with the girls along the road

Now Mr. Brown has broken with the peace he's been taken to a police cell

There to ruminate on his sad unlucky fate like many's a fine young swell

And the very next day sure his wife ran away because of this li


Fiddler’s Green is a German band from Erlangen that plays independent Irish speedfolk, formed in 1990. Their first concert under the name of Fiddler’s Green was at the Newcomer-Festival in Erlangen in November 1990, where the band came second. The first album, entitled "Fiddler’s Green", was released in 1992, and was a mixture of live and studio tracks and of traditional and self-written songs. It was released on their own label, Deaf Shepherd Recordings. ... selengkapnya

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