Lirik Lagu K.i.m.


[Featuring Keith Murray Redman]


Nah nah check this out yo

I grab my dick spit hit the blinkers split

the Dutch Coronas tokin irons without permits

Repetoire long faced murderer's the shit

Black Bruce Willis mix tape arsonist

Esquire for hire with total rapid fire

Supplier to any Tom Dick Jerry Maguire

You chose the right man to get the plan executed

I get the situation happening before you shoot it

Flow direct-or, suprise you like guess what?

The hotter I spit I'm trippin off smoke detectors

Who next up to get dressed up, I don't pop

corks I pop New York with a dot til import

The art then the craft, will split you in half

I'm a Hurricane you a Miller Genuine Draft

While you push a S-Class I'm riding on a giraffe

Uptown, naked, smoking a bag with hash, check it

Shut your windows and lock your doors

Whores scream louder than Berrymore when I pour

And when me and my crew walk we walk on all fours

Atomic Dogs, packed in a black Yukon


[Erick Sermon]

John Blaze, I keep y'all niggaz rockin for days

Boriquas, to eses, around the ways

my own Mix Tape DJ, I Flex

You don't have a clue when I'm doin ya who is he I gets busy, word up

Come now player look in my eyes you think I'm bluffin

A five year span turned nuttin into somethin

And don't get familiar, your whole entourage don't be

feelin ya, behind your back they straight killin ya

(Who am I?) The Ex-Headbanger bad motherfucker

High on Friday with Chris Tucker

I be a Headbanger to my very last breath

Even Jermaine Dupri think I'm SoSoDef

K.A., Shawn Mims, I come from a long line of Geechies

Who didn't care, blow Camp Lo Luchinis

I transform like Spawn,

Profil dan Koleksi Lirik Lagu EPMD

EPMD is an American hip-hop music group from Brentwood, New York, active from 1987 to 1999, reuniting in 2006; one of the prominent acts in East coast hip hop.

The group's name is an acronym for "Erick and Parrish Making Dollars", referencing its members: rappers Erick Sermon ("E Double") and Parrish Smith ("PMD"). Diamond J, DJ K La Boss, and later DJ Scratch were DJs for the group.

The duo split by January of 1993, under controversial circumstances. ... selengkapnya

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