State of the Nation Address


This is my state of the nation address
there's no hating
I'm just stating the fact
Updating the masses on the situations that we facing i guess
We can accept it complicated at best
In these hard times of elevated prices
energy crisis
Load shedding plan got your destiny decided
It's only right no matter how fictitious it sounds we learn the truth beyond reasonable doubt
Ladies and gentlemen allow me to state for the record
I am a citizen
A willing witness of the conditioning which we living in
A living testament of civilians who are innocent
A critical de-system for what it is and should've been
It should've been a Paradise for the world to envy
But it's hard when all your capital reserves are empty
The rich get rich chase girls in Bentleys
The poor die cross sign preacher man screaming Amen
Give it to God mama
Give it to God
He go come down one day on a beautiful horse
If you dey hung ebi he dey put the food for the mouth
Make you no talk go your job and play the fool for your boss
Cos you graduated college now you wish to work and pay dues
Looking up to the government to help and aid you
After service your bank account isn't operational
As empty as promises the politician made you so
How do we stop it getting worse than ever?
Put our differences aside and try to work together
Re-access our methods for more effective measures
Better manage our resources reinvest our treasures
Instead of bickering we been complaining for years who do we blame for this state of affairs i blame us
If we have the power we make them do what they must
Demand the accountability stepping our game up
They said a billion dollars is gonna cost a billion dollars to solve our present and our imminent problems
Listen we've been borrowing from the beginning in Ghana nothing change
we still leaving in darkness
Chale isn't it bonkers
How corruption is tearing apart the very fabric of society the damage is done
Where officers work in airports are begging for funds
The policeman at the checkpoint collecting his one stretching his hands through my window other hand on the gun
To get that 2 cedis fixed and it's happening right now!
Street kids go without a part to piss in
Minority leaders pointing fingers at opposition
See for me i have to write some rhymes or resort to a life of crime
There's no industry I fight for mine
so i swear will never see the right design till we decide to reunite our mind
So stand up for Ghana stand up now this is your birth right
As against depression and suffering is a fair fight
Stand up against tribalism and the impaired sight
Fight for your right to rise you deserve a fair life
Chale we dey complain for years who do we blame for this state of affairs I blaming us chale
I guess what I'm saying is one love chale
One us chale
Good luck chale
E L baby
Yung Fly
State of the nation address

Profil E.L.

Several with this name:

1) EL, is a rapper from Ghana, who released his debut 'Something Else' in 2012. ... selengkapnya

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