Lyrical Algebar


I keep the beat low, you for hear
you gonna need a pencil and a piece of paper for this one
My people call be bar B.A.R
big up ma Eliens
take away the B add E.A
I'm in your AREA
A.R.E.A drop the A and add the L
REAL Killer
If you fail to plan then you plan to fail
keep the REAL now an I.Z and an E so you go REALIZE
Real eyes, Realize, Real eyes I'm a rare vibe
Ok drop the R.E Now we got that ALIZE
Pour a glass and pray for brighter days and those who passed away
drop the Z.E, now we got the greatest A.L.I
Which rapper 'bout to shake the whole game EL- i
Now add the V.E to ALI yeah we still ALIVE
Drop the A for D.E put R at the end you get the vibe
Deliver everday that you are alive until you hit the hearse
Drop DELI add B.S cause I'm a man of action verbs
drop B.S put SACE latest release VERSACE,
VERSACE, Now drop the drop the VERS, A.C.E
SP to A.C.E cause I need my SPACE
Takeaway the S and the E, you should see the name
P.A.C add T.U berh you know the truth
Turn TUPAC around it all goes CAPUT
Drop the U.T, LOMI CAP get your apparel
To C.A.P add I.T.A.L Accra the CAPITAL
Take away C.A.P.I add E.N.T, TALENT dey
these days rappers barely need it sad to say
now drop the T.A.L add E.R.T.A.I.N, ENTERTAIN
But if u no get heart never try man
drop T.A.I.N,
ENTER my mind and see the side of El young lomi I've been hiding
E.N.T.E.R take the last three letters add R.O.R
what I got for all you sweet fellas
lyrical terrorist, T.E.R.R.O.R
Drop T.E for M.I, MIRROR, MIRROR on the wall
now take away the R.O.R, plug in A.C.L.E
MIRACLE I am everyday my mirror tells me
Now drop the M.I the L.E and add another E
I won the RACE
Drop C.E for B flip it now back to me BAR

Profil E.L

Several with this name:

1) EL, is a rapper from Ghana, who released his debut 'Something Else' in 2012. ... selengkapnya

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