Love God


I make music cos I want to
I'm a true artiste
I got the skill from my Mama
And I'm good at it
I don't write, I design
It's just a good habit
Best rapper every year
They know I should have it
If Kings are made
I guess a fella should practice
Shook rappers act wow
They just look savage
Best rapper every year
They know i I could have it
We started from lines, to verses, to
Book chapters
I keep it real one hundred all ma
Peers know me
No Squares in ma circle
You appear funny
I drop a tape every year
For your ears only
The Bar Three tape coming
Never fear homie
Ma only competition is naggers I roll
El-Cartel all ma people call me Pablo
El-Chappo all ma brothers is Picasso
Rappers of the year we can get it
With our eyes closed
I thank God for all blessings
Then I ask God for more blessings
He told me lay down your
Our day go come
You for learn more lessons
Like get money chale get money
Invest money
Get money money
Beget money
I said money chale get money
Invest money
Get money money
Beget money

Word to Chris Wallace; more money more problems
Nowadays you need more to be Accra finest
I miss the days where true Artiste
Was all talent
And now its hype feeling like the
Game's off-balance
Is all silence when I walk in a room
Is all smiles when they bumping ma
They gossiping as soon as i leave
Y'all challenge and applauding me too?
And small time am in the blogs and
The news
Chale life hard
I represent for the West
I'm a Kardashian
Somebody asked if I fear or I love
But if I love music and music is ma
And God gave me Passion then I
Guess then I love God
Above all else. Yeah
So nothing put ma heart to fear
On top of that I wrote the Gospel
Song of the year
On top of that I ...
I nor for talk all this things
Chale lets get it by
Shutout to naggers who got ma CD
And didn't rip it
Or put it online so i can eat and
Make a living
True fan who get it and stand beside
Me and not behind me
Its a Union not a movement
This is a Union and not a movement
Don't confuse it
This is strictly about the music
I don't be on twitter abusing my
To prove I'm the truth cos I'm not
Move by humans
Its crazy how naggers who diss when
I drop tunes
Be the same naggers who miss me
When I'm not there
Same nagger who say they want the
Crown juice
Be afraid to take ma place when a
Spot clears
I said go to church chale Love God
And put your Loved ones need on above
I use to run away until I found a pen
And now i I feel like Obama
I'll never run again
Women that I take to I always
Stick to
And no, we don't take tools when we
Tape two
Lomi only whole tongue when I lace
Naggers know am playful
But no, I don't play fool
And nowadays ma own boys dey
Act funny
Lord see what the money and the
Fame do
Relatives with their hands up
When they wouldn't do jack for me
Now they all wanna eat at the table
Look, I got issues that you can't
Even imagine
So I don't have time for your
I don't have time for your questions
Where do I get my inspiration
I will never ask for your acceptance
Love me for me my ego as bigger as its ever gonna get
I know who I'm
I'm young and I'm bless
I got the spot now and I pray who
Ever got the spot next
Can carry the cross to greater
The ELORM Album out chale go
Cop that
I present to you ma gift cos I love
If a nagger try l go be in all black
Forward ever, Gh nogo fall back
I'm the only nagger where I'm from
Doing this
Them other naggers rapping dem be
I'm the only nagger where I'm from
Doing this
Them other naggers rapping dem be
Except for my naggers my naggers
Love God

Profil EL

Several with this name:

1) EL, is a rapper from Ghana, who released his debut 'Something Else' in 2012. ... selengkapnya

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