Lirik Lagu For The Love Of You

Earth, Wind & Fire

When you find a brand new love

Isn't it fun love

That special one to kiss and hug

Isn't it fun love


I want you

Every night

Heart cries out

To hold you tight

You walked in

Times were blue

Nothing baby

I won't do


For the love of you-ooh

For the love of you-ooh

There's a sweetness in your smile

Isn't it fun love

A wild flower you drive me wild

Isn't it fun love


Touch me baby

With your love

Stir the passion

You're thinking of

Stay with me

A while tonite

We will fly

Until morning light



Don't you know how I feel

Here's my love I'm for real

Time is right give us a chance

Nothing-I won't do-for you


To each his all and all the love I've grown

Three rolls of quarters in the telephone

One at a time and I'm glad she's mine

For the love of her and that's for a long time

I want her, I love her, I keep thinking of her

I want to be her friend

Because I'm definitely not her brother

I'll make it clear that I'll always be near

And for the love of you my love is here

Not so up on, one can always be taught

For the love of you many brothers have fought

So comprehend the feelings are true

A day don't go by without thinking of you

You're smooth as the night and I get hype

Your love and mine are the perfect type, yeah!

I write a letter or play you a song

We should get busy yeah get it on

Pumping out heat, burning like fire

Fall in love with you

Yeah that's my desire



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