I step, I step in the "Club" aroung twelve o'clock (clock)
Me and my folk (folkers) after the after "Spot" (spot)
Webought a - Rimy (Rimy) Hennesy, Copasi "Yeah" (yeah)
Velvet de Vodca and grab my "Yay"
I love this "Life" , what can I "Say" (say)
Doing this damn "Thang"
Till' I'm old and "Grey"
Poppin' these "Speeds" and jacking my "Slacks" (slacks)
Give some yay "Nigga" (yay nigga)
Thats just how we act (how we act)
We disobey niggas (disobey niggas) doin' it "Full" (full)
We shake fake niggas (niggas) If you ain't "Cool" (cool)
You can't hang wit' us (hang wit' us) all acess (access)
I fuck wit' real niggas (niggas)
My baby- Beatrice (Trice)
Mack Dime (ah) uhhh see sold to shee (sheezy)
Eight-Ball (uh) Pimp C and Jayo Felony
Nate Dogg and (all) just to name a few (a few)
StraightFlamboast, thats what we "Do"


Flamboastin'- yolking, dip-n-flowin'
Through your neighborhood- unseen-n-sparcing
Gettin' this money cause we never broken
Roastin' these hoes is all we knowin'
Flamboastin'- From coast to coast
Flamboastin'- Thats all we know
Flamboastin'- Watch out hoe
Flamboastin'- Fo' Shiggaty

Whoa! Pac (???) Rack or Die (rack or die)
Please believe , a look that they never check fee (fee)
Trickle my stark Delly (Jelly) easy finds it wit Nelly (Relly)
Sickle with my heart round medalion
Hanging all the way to my belly (belly)
Lord to devil in housing - cause roxing by the gallon
We vitally known for my spittery - see all type of people asking me-
"How you come up with dat shit ?"- hey but I bought your (???)
Show me how to do that (shit) that damn thing (you wack)....

Now look - Mercedes Wagons with Buck eyes
Lorenzo Ki's with t.v's inside- 20 inch *bling,bling* thats platinum
Jumped out the hummer nigga with the fist to mack em'
This is a parking lot pimping and bitchesI Slap em' holla at my nigga - E-40
And we gap em' 20 inch couldn't fit - adapt to slap em'
Get tha matching house at over east thats platinum


When I smooth up in a riders block and My-p as my enemy(enemy)
I hit the lord rough (rough) towards my cre-a- tivity (creativity
Hustler on the go (go)
Straight up ghetto star "Star"- Darnel from 310 (OHH)
Niggas(???) glove compartment for my strap
Climate control, Air-Conditioner , A/C in tha back
Interior (?) with a typey on my lap
Officer Smokeand Mr. Johnny Law - Where I sell crack? ( Where i sell crack?)
Artistal Pimp on Rap - Proffesional Highsider
With tha black screens, dash and who order the sunlights?

Everything black or silver - I'm macking
Weezy We gat a Beamer thats platinum
Supposed to be a Low-Low on 18 and adapting
Bitch thats not a movie and nigga we ain't acting
Cadillac truck got hot - I paint it platinum
And I know a bitch in oakland named- Platinum
Talk about how she could eat the dick off the plater
I'm the #1 stunner bitch and I'm Mack (and I'm Mack,and I'm Mack.....)