Let's Go


Upon the buzzer
ouick on the start-
let's go'let's go-let's go!
For it's hi-dee-ho-
you know where you want to go-
don't be a smoe
get in the show-
bounce off the backboards
and block that pass
let's go!-let's go!-let's go!
Grab her by the neck
and throw her down
let's go!-let's go!'let's go!
Ga ga go go goo-
vou know what vou want to do
kick'em in the shoe
till your through
beat it down the path
and catch that early worm
let's go! Let's go! Let's goi
let's go!

Profil DEVO

Devo is an American rock group formed in Akron, Ohio, United States in 1972. The band split in 1991 and returned in 1996. The band currently consists of Gerald Casale (vocals, bass), Mark Mothersbaugh (vocals, synthesizer), Bob Mothersbaugh (guitar) and Josh Freese (drums). Former members include Bob Casale (guitar, keyboards) (born July 14, 1952; died February 17, 2014) and Alan Myers (drums) (born 1955; died 2013). The band released their first album in 20 years, "Something for Everybody" on June 15, 2010. ... selengkapnya

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