Left & Right



Yo, yo

Yeah, come on


I see you dancing right now

I don't need to tell you that you know how

Baby you do, oh

I say you belong

And if you dream, you'd be free

I can take you there

Just follow me

Baby I won't, I won't steer you wrong

And it seems like to me

You want someone to treat you like their queen

Babe I do

So what'cha want?

Smack your ass, pull your hair

And I even kiss you way down there

You know I will

Think I won't?


That's the way we do it

Left and right

Keep it moving

Up and down

How we do it babe

Left and right

Uh keep it moving

Up and down

Uh so what'cha doing?

Left and right

I love it went you do it

Up and down

Love it went you do it

Left and right

Keep doing it babe, yeah

1 - [D'Angelo]

Left and right

And up and down

Repeat 1 w/Redman and Method ad-libs (4x)

[Method Man]

Yo D how we do it


Hey yo D how we do it

[Method Man]

Hey yo how we do it

All day how we do it



I hear you calling my world

Make you feel like a pearl

I'll rub your back and fulfill your needs, yeah

So I would suggest you get undressed

Fingertips touching and you'll come back

As I want

Why don't you give it to me?

I will have you believe

There's no reason for you to leave

Stay right here (stay right here)

In my arms (in my arms)

Bring you fears stay secure

Here with me you can be sure

There's no faking you turn me on


That's the way we do it

Left and right


Up and down

You keep it moving

Left and right

Yeah she's moving

Up and down

Oh yeah

Left and right

Love it when you do it

Up and down

Don't stop

Left and right

Just keep doing it baby, oh

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