G's Song


This country tells us that we're down and out,

Got you thinking that we're through.

Got to suffer to get us moving,

Say it's up to me and you.

Well, look around and you'll see who gets the goods, not you or me.

Cause they ain't suffering, no, not for us,

They're masquerading like pissers must.

They abuse us, keep us right underfoot,

With the illusions of contentment and good.

Well, it's not over, war's still around

And they've got no problem when you're underground.

Profil CRASS

Crass were an English anarcho-punk band, formed in 1977 and based around Dial House, an open house community near Epping, Essex, England.

In contrast to the Sex Pistols 'anarchy', Crass' attitude was more directly influenced by libertarian socialist philosophy and anarchism's nineteenth century roots. In the process they promoted anarchism as a legitimate political ideology, way of living, and as a resistance movement, popularizing the seminal peace punk movement and touching on such overtly political issues as anti-consumerism ... selengkapnya

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