Constantly In Danger

C-Murder F/ Mia X

Constantly in danger, shit, trouble always seems to find me.
Constantly in danger, I can't stay away from this shit

Constantly in danger, to crime I aint no stranger
Test me, damn sure I'm gonna bang ya
I've been known to do what I gotta do
I hang with a hardass crew called TRU
Motherfucking feds, they wanna plot
They really think a nigga open up shop
I make millions, huh, off of words
I aint got time to score g's off of birds
Bulletproof vest on my chest
And bulletproof windshields to catch the rest
Of a punkass nigga muthafucka round
Aint that cold, a nigga sware I had eight pounds
I keep an eye on my rear view
My money bigger, huh, so I got a bigger gun too
I keep a nine with me, if you want me come get me
You shoot first bitch you better hit me
I keep a close eye on a stranger
Nigga, heh, cause I'm constantly in danger

The world is mine cause I'm in it, and danger means No Limit
The world is mine, fool, cause I'm in it, my veins pump No Limit
The world is mine cause I'm in it, and danger means No Limit

Anamocity, got them haters plottin and got them feds watchin
Tryin to twist a bitch up in knots
With that he said she said pointing at me
Trying to connect the dots, get me locked up for consperacy
Now who that say she knew that, said she did that
With that nigga that got TRU on his bizzack
Forget that, we so legit black, we hard to get at so get back
Cause it's a fizzact that we gonna shizzat
Dollars, those down from day one we gonna holler
Devour those in our path shots follow
Knock ya dick in the guts, nigga trust
Momma bust behind a cream bills, smoke in god we trust
And it's a must I represent for my tank dogs
Us against the world so when we come get out the way y'all
Soldier boys and one girl down for a freefall
The industry strangler's, TRU, always live in danger


Constantly I keep an eye on my enemies
I'm having dreams of a motherfucker bury me
I won't rest till I make a bitch nigga bleed
I'm gettin paid by the gat and the triple beam
All my love is for the thugs on the block
Evil thoughts keep telling me to bust on the cops
Bullet wounds in my back keep me paranoid
I'm hearing gunshots, ducking behind cars
Will I end up in the grave or the penetentary?
Oh god, don't let the reaper capture me
I started off as a street thug
Convicted felon with tatooes and street blood
A second chance when I came back to life (fade)
Niggas dying if I think they aint down right(fade)
My motherfucking pain turn to anger(fade)
Nigga, I'm constantly in danger