Der Weinende Hadnur (the Crying Hadnur)


Hadnur the Blind shot the arrow that killed Fijo's good and

shining son. The gods could not utter a single word when they saw

what had happened. He understood that something was wrong, but

nobody said anything; not to him nor to anyone else. Not for a

while. He started to cry, feeling the terrible loss, but it was

too late. Beldegir was dead by his hands. He walked away, alone,

to his house, to cry and mourn in solitude. Hated by the others,

spurned by the others. He could not help it, he did know what

would happen when he shot that arrow. He did not mean to kill his

own brother.

Hadnur is waiting for the avenger to come, waiting for Woli to

kill him. He regrets deeply what he has done, but knows death is

the only solution. He will be back when the new world rises from

the ashes of the old. Then he will no longer be alone, he will

meet his brother Beldegir again, and embrace him in the grass

where Wuotan, his dear father, was killed by Fanjariho. Then he

will no longer by the crying demon.