I Ain't Coming Down


Where the body is the eagles will gather

Lift me up and give me your strength

To fly across the great divide

The promised land is just over on the other side

I ain't coming down

Once there was a promise, now there is hope

Restore the righteous thirst of my soul

A river ran which touched both sides

Brought healing and restored from the ground to the sky

I mounted wings from the bright morning star

Let the wind lift me from my feet

No resistance, nothing clouding my eye

No greater feeling than the freedom to fly

look down in the valley below

With Your word be justified

I see a place where it never rains

The old footprints still remain

Profil BRIDE

Bride is a Christian metal/rock band formed in the 80s as "Matrix", by brothers Dale Thompson and Troy Thompson. Despite being criticized for their abrupt changes in style in favor of what's "hot", the band has remained largely popular in the U.S. and other places like Brazil. Dale, a full time pastor, wanted to use the band for ministry and not for profit, so in the late 90's they decided to go completely independent from any record label and put ... selengkapnya

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