The Guv'nor


Oh I ain't greedy
But you gotta see my point of view
I was not born yesterday
Don't you know I must 've learned a thing or two

But there's a man on the loose baby
An' he's all bad
He'll tan your hide and give you what you never had
They call him the Guv'nor (God bless the Guv'nor)
He's trained to kill (God bless the Guv'nor)
Make way for the Guv'nor (make way for the Guv'nor)
Give yourself a thrill

Look at the Dude!
He's got the World - he got it made
He got Attitude
And he got a fist - like a switchblade

And everyone in the City
Gotta play his game
I don't wanna be a wannabe I wanna be it
Wanna be the Guv'nor (God bless the Guv'nor)
He's Politically Incorrect (God bless the Guv'nor)
Give way give way to the Guv'nor
(Make way for the Guv'nor)
You gotta show some respect

Don't bother lookin' for a way to catch his ass
This man is cookin' with a red-hot kind of gas
He'll play them hits electrifyin'
Tear you to bits and leave you -
Cryin' cryin' cryin' yeah!

So get ready for the showdown -
(Don't lose your head)
If licks could kill we'd all be long long dead

On account of the Guv'nor!
God bless the Guv'nor
Make way make way
For the Guv'nor
You gotta see that man

Let's see some respect now!