Hennessy & XTC

BG F/ Big Tymers

What's your relations with that woman?

< "Me and my wife, ya know" >

Oh, oh, ohh, ohhh, whooo!

(Hook [Mannie])
I've been poppin' XTC
Drinkin' Hennessy
Is a naked chick next to me?

I've been takin' XTC
Drinkin' Hennessy
Is a naked chick next to me?

I'm in the club seein' all kind of colors and shit
On the dance floor, openin' up rubbers and shit
And I'm tongue kissin' with somebody else bitch
An awkward voice is sayin', "YoU cAn HaVe ThAt TrIcK."
Hallucinatin', trippin' - freakin' out
Passin' out on the floor when I'm speakin' out
Who the motherfuck took my motherfuckin' lighter?
And look at that bitch over there - don't you look like a spider?
I guess a playa like me better sit down beside her
I know what you did last summer, bitch - slut - liar
(I sEe DeAd PeOpLe!)

< "You need to quit." >

"Bartender, give me a big man combo and a geri curl kit."

< "Yo, man, what do you want? You're actin' kind of strange.
You're a real party animal like that cat Rick James." >

"Well, give me a Hennessy and one of them pills.
And point me to the strippers buck naked in high-heels."


(Hook [Mannie])


I'm in the club sayin', "Who's that bitch'
'runnin' 'round the club, wanna suck my dick?"
Look like a nigga in here cookin' a brick
I must have been drinkin' too much of this shit
These hoes lookin' better than Lorenzo kits
It's hot as a motherfucker in this bitch
I'm 'bout to take my shirt off and drive a bitch
I bought the ball when I walked in this bitch
I should've put my car in front of this bitch
I still got that four-four in this bitch
Hennessy, X, (??), and a trick
Rusty and Juvy, y'all can have that shit
The bitch couldn't dance right front of the clique
Now the whole family owe a hundred and six
I'd give this ho a stack if she suck my dick
Man, pull the car around, let me get out this bitch

("Help! Help! Help!")

(Hook [Mannie])


I'm in the club - full of that Chriss, I'm done
Just popped a pill, now I'm ready to fuck
I'm staggerin' through this motherfucker - I've had enough
I'm askin' every ho I pass, "Bitch, what's up?"
Somebody gon' leave with me and break bread
I'm so high right now I'll pay for some head
I spot one of my old freaks from uptown
Bingo - I know for sure it's goin' down
I still got a half a pill, I let her pop
We blazed - by the time we hit the 'tel she hot
Ready to drop her drawers, ready to be freaked
Ready to suck on them balls, ready to chew that meat
On the slick she scarin' me to somethin' I never seen
She (??) clean the fuck out actin' like a beast
I wish I would've been (???) act off Hennessy
I would've been feedin' all my hoes the XTC
I've been doin' this

(Hook-2x [Mannie])

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