Rap Superstar

B-Real Featuring Eminem & Noreaga

(Eminem Speaking)

Most people don't see how much work is really involved in this rap shit

I didn't know it

I didn't see it

I never saw it until i was actually in it

You really gotta be in it

To understand what its like

But you always gotta

People always gotta see your smile

You always gotta put on that fake

You know what i'm sayin

No matter what u just been through


So you wanna be a rap superstar

And live large a big house

5 cars

The rent charged

Comin up in the world

Don't trust nobody

Gotta look over your shoulder constantly


I remember the days when i was a young kid growin up

Lookin in the mirror dreamin about blowin up

To rock crowds make money

Chill wit the honies

Sign autographs and whatever the people want from me

Shits funny

How impossible cream manifest in the games that be comin with it

Never the less you gotta go for the gusto

But you don't know about the blood sweat and tears and losin some of your peers

And losin some of your self

Music has past gone by

Hopefully you don't manifest for the wrong guy

Egomaniac in the brainiac

Don't know how to act

Shits deep

48 tracks

Studio gangsta mack

Sign a deal emcees wanna make a mill

But never will

Till he crosses over still

Feelin no hate

But fantasies come wit these

Just to sacrifice the taste of makin cheese

You wanna be a rap superstar in the biz

And take shit from people who don't know what it is

I wish it was all fun and games

But the price of fame is high

And some can't pay to play

Trapped in what you rappin about

Tell me what happened when you lost clout

The rout you took started collapsing

No fans

No fame

No respect

No change

No women

And everyone shits on your name


So you wanna be a rap superstar

And live large

A big house

5 cars

The ren