Bewitched By Evil


Hellfires burning within my chest

Darkforces now takes control

Bringer of Evil, never to rest

To Satan I've given my soul

Burn in Hell

Forcing myself upon those who are pure

Raping their souls with my hate

Hellbent for torture, I'm Lucifers whore

They scream but it's always too late

Victims left dying and writhing in pain

My secret is still left untold

The ground is all covered with bodies I've slain

The prophecy is soon to unfold

Powers of Hell, I'm under the spell

Possessed by the Demons of Night

Father of Hell, I'm under your spell

The children of christ I will fight

The Devil's Son - Bewitched by Evil

Unholy One - I've risen through the gate

The Only One - Bewitched by Evil

The Devil's Son - To earth I've come to desecrate